Nothing lasts forever but our passion is to provide paints and applications to all surfaces that would stand the test of time. Within 25 years of operation we have taken global giants on and our milestones have been many.

  • We commenced manufacturing and marketing paints in 1981.
  • We received the SLS mark in 2004
  • We complie with ISO 9001: 2015.
  • We introduced Colouris France revolutionizing the industry and offering unlimited option to the consumer. (Show us a colour and we will give it in a tin).
  • Among the many accolades awarded to Multilac, it is noteworthy to mention the Export Brand of the year, Best Sri Lankan enterprise and the Presidential Export award.
  • As the largest paint exporter, we are proud to have put Sri Lanka on the world map by exporting our products to China, Australia, India, Maldives and Myanmar.

  • The research and development team at Multilac have put their heads together to provide solutions here in our own country by collaborating with our partners- BASF and Beyer of Germany, Rohm & Haas, USA, GoodYear Pliolite & Eliokem France, and have tomorrow’s technology today. The M1 contractors in the country are using Multilac as it is guaranteed to deliver its promise.