“One8One Exclusives” are born with the pure intention of introducing a new chapter to our age-old traditional concept on the area of ‘interior decorations, gift items, miniatures, and many more earthly values to us, humans’. A rare blend of high-quality Interior Decorations and Gift Items are on the offer from ‘One8One Exclusives’ to satisfy your long-felt need.

Labouring contradictory views and killing our precious time we are struggling ourselves vainly when we want to buy something very special as a home decorative or gift item to be offered to our loved ones.

Now you have “One8One Exclusives” with an infinite variety of items on your footsteps at No.181, Nawala Road, Nugegoda, a very convenient environment. We have a unique collection of Home Décor ranging from exquisite models of decorative Lamps, Chandeliers, Table Lamps, Decorative Mirrors, artistically designed plastic, and fiber Garden Chairs, Home Chairs, Office Chairs, and many varieties.

It is amazing to see some Home Décor Items & Gift Items in such a high quality and magnificent frame. Artistically designed varied types of Clocks win the limelight. There are Wall Clocks, Table Clocks, and many more.

What is more interesting! A huge collection of Replicas (Gift Items) of vintage Motorbikes, Vehicles, and Bicycles are on the offer. Flower Arrangements and Decorative Grass Panels are yet another eye-catching area with “Optic Fibre Flower Pot” in multi-colors is at the centre stage.

Availability of Gramophones with modern features such as DVD, USB, BLUE TOOTH, etc; add more colour to showcase and they are sure to win the hearts of people who are longed to collect valuables and artifacts.