SOLETRO POWER is a diverse company having multi-faceted approach to four business sectors.

We represent some of the world’s top manufacturers in construction, earthmoving, lifting, and material handling applications. For large projects our consultancy arm brings the best of overseas specialists in these respective fields to help clients procure the most sophisticated technology driven machinery, support services to ensure that Sri Lanka is progressive in its developmental endeavors in keeping with global trends.

In the power generation aspect of the business, we cater to a select category of customers. Economically feasible, environmentally sustainable energy sources are in demand by clients of every industry, irrespective of size. Clean, cheaper energy will be in ever-increasing demand, and we see ourselves playing a stronger role in the times ahead.

The coast around our country presents limitless opportunities. The demand and impetus for local manufacturers to design and build vessels for commercial fishing and leisure activity has been favorably considered by our company and now includes in our portfolio.

SOLETRO POWER is driven by a clear vision, and a purpose to open new frontiers and to create a better tomorrow for all to benefit by it.